Spectacle Marketing





Content Director

From San Francisco to Denver, Niki has grown eCommerce and mobile-focused startups from 0 to 100, focusing on everything from marketing and social media, to PR and copywriting. As a DU graduate with degrees in Communications, Japanese, and Jazz Flute, she enjoys flexing her creative muscle while keeping strategy and analytics in mind.

Niki's startup journey began as an editorial intern at Huckberry, where she was promoted to a full-time position in just two weeks. From there, she went on to manage multiple teams at companies like UNIQLO and Favor, working across marketing and communications departments. Most recently, Niki co-founded a community sharing app, Fluid Market, and grew its user base to 30K, secured $40M in inventory, and helped the company earn $250K in revenue within their first year of operation. She has developed a passion for brand marketing, clean aesthetic, and unique content, and is dedicated to delivering the creative boost her clients are looking for. 

In her spare time, you can find Niki playing music at various venues across town, watercoloring, or shopping for vintage goods. 


Strategic Director

After graduating early from Cornell University with dual degrees in English and Music, Katerina was accepted into Yahoo’s Marketing Associate Program, an intensive 18-month rotational program with an inaugural class of just six people. She completed rotations in event marketing, B2B marketing, and product marketing, and ultimately landed at Flickr, where she orchestrated their first-ever 20 Under 20 program, launched Flickr for iPad, and expanded their social media marketing to include Pinterest and Instagram.

Since then, Katerina has worked at various startups, developing deep knowledge of functions such as product management, user experience, and “growth hacking”. She’s passionate about staying up-to-date on the technological forces of the future, ensuring her clients are at the forefront of their industry’s landscape, and finding ways to disrupt the status quo.

When Katerina’s not working, you can find her OM’ing in a hot vinyasa class, uplifting Asian American voices through Slant’d, or jamming out to musicians ranging from Mendelssohn to Miguel.




We believe in building beloved brands. That brands require time, intention, and good marketing to become beloved. That good marketing is about good storytelling. 

We believe in creating purposeful content. Social media is about cultivating community, not your follower count. Your brand voice has a spirit of its own—and it’s up to you to uncover it.

We believe that our differences are our strengths. No matter your gender, sexuality, ability, or race, there is a place for you in this world. There is room for all of us to thrive, together. 

We believe in change for progress. The best brands aren’t afraid to shake things up. The status quo exists so we can disrupt it. 

We believe in you—in your weirdness, your messiness, and your power. So find your voice and own it.

Cause a scene. Make a spectacle.